Toa of Earth, whose claw-like hands let him dig great tunnels. He wears the Kanohi Pakari, the Mask of Strength, granting him the power of many.

Source: BIONICLE #1: The Coming of the Toa

Onua Nuva

Pronunciation: oh-NOO-ah NOO-vah

Color: Black

Element: Earth

Village: Onu-Koro


Tools: Two quake-breakers that can tunnel through earth and rock; can be attached to his feet and used as all-terrain treads

Mask: Kanohi Pakari Nuva, the Great Mask of Strength

Onua Nuva is the wisest of the Toa. He speaks only when he has something important to say and is always willing to help his friends. He is trusted and respected by all.

Source: The Official Guide to BIONICLE