Toa of Ice, he wields a sword that can freeze anything it touches. He wears the Kanohi Akaku, the Mask of X-Ray Vision, which allows him to see what is hidden from others.

Source: BIONICLE #1: The Coming of the Toa

Kopaka Nuva

Pronunciation: koh-PAH-kah NOO-vah

Color: Silver

Element: Ice

Village: Ko-Koro


Tools: Ice blade that channels his power; can be split in two and used as power ice-skates

Mask: Kanohi Akaku Nuva, the Great Mask of X-Ray Vision

Kopaka Nuva does not like being part of a team. He is very clever and likes to deal with problems on his own. The other Toa Nuva think he is unfriendly, but they also respect his intelligence and his instincts.

Source: The Official Guide to BIONICLE