Bahrag (BAH-rag)

CAHDOK and GAHDOK, the twin queens of the BOHROK swarms. The Bahrag directed the rampages of the Bohrok, unaware that there were MATORAN living on the surface of MATA NUI (2). They possessed the elemental powers of the six Bohrok, plus the ability to create lifelike illusions. They created and were in contact with the KRANA that inhabited each Bohrok. The Bahrag were defeated by the TOA NUVA and imprisoned in a cage of solid PROTODERMIS. The Bahrag were later the subject of a failed rescue attempt by the BOHROK-KAL. The Toa Nuva recently released the Bahrag as part of their preparations for awakening the GREAT SPIRIT MATA NUI (1).

Source: BIONICLE Encyclopedia Updated