Axonn (AXE-on)

Member of the ORDER OF MATA NUI and former member of the HAND OF ARTAKHA. After the Hand was disbanded, Axonn wandered for some time, using his powers for petty conquests. He was eventually recruited by the Order, who offered to put his talents to good use. Axonn was assigned to VOYA NUI, to guard the KANOHI IGNIKA, and was there when the landmass split off from its continent and rocketed to the surface of the ocean. Axonn and his partner, BRUTAKA, defeated a number of enemies who attempted to claim the Mask of Life, until the PIRAKA arrived. Brutaka betrayed Axonn and allied himself with the Piraka, forcing a confrontation between between the two. In the battle, Axonn defeated Brutaka and destroyed the vat containing the ANTIDERMIS. Later, Axonn opened the way to the CORD so the TOA INIKA could travel to MAHRI NUI.

Axonn wears the Kanohi RODE, the GREAT MASK of Truth, which can pierce any disguise and spot any deception. His axe can fire energy blasts and cleave virtually any substance. In addition, Axonn has massive strength and a number of special powers, among them the ability to heal insanity with a touch of his hand.

Source: BIONICLE Encyclopedia Updated