Avak (ay-VACK)

One of the six PIRAKA who attempted to steal the KANOHI IGNIKA. Avak was originally employed as a jailer on ZAKAZ, where he used his powers to imprison DARK HUNTERS, among others. He was recruited into the Dark Hunter organization shortly after that. Avak possesses the elemental power of stone, X-ray and telescopic vision, and the ability to create the perfect prison for any target out of thin air using only his mind. He carries a ZAMOR SPHERE LAUNCHER and a seismic pickaxe/jackhammer. Avak is a skilled inventor who designed the Zamor Sphere Launchers for his fellow Piraka. He was ambushed and defeated by DALU and later joined with the other Piraka to battle the TOA NUVA and TOA INIKA. When last seen, he was with the Piraka on Voya Nui still scheming to get the Kanohi Ignika, unaware that his body was being affected by an earlier exposure to mutagenic seawater.

Source: BIONICLE Encyclopedia Updated