Matoran flying vehicles used to transport cargo in METRU NUI. Airships were operated using a complicated system of KANOKA DISKS with the levitation and increase weight powers. When pulleys caused the levitation disks to strike the framework, the craft rose. When another set of pulleys brought the increase weight disks into contact with the frame, the craft would lose altitude. Forward thrust was provided by a portion of CHUTE capped at both ends, with only a small amount of liquid PROTODERMIS under high pressure allowed to jet from the back. Airships were built, maintained, and piloted by LE-MATORAN.

The VISORAK destroyed all of the airships in the MOTO-HUB when they invaded the city. Later, the TOA HORDIKA constructed six vessels to carry the sleeping MATORAN to the island of MATA NUI (2). Upon arrival, the ships were broken down and the parts were used to help build the island’s six villages.

Source: BIONICLE Encyclopedia Updated