Ahkmou (OCK-moo)

MATORAN carver originally from PO-METRU. His rivalry with ONEWA led him into a deal with the DARK HUNTER NIDHIKI to obtain the six GREAT DISKS. Frustrated in this and captured by Onewa, he reluctantly joined the TOA METRU in their efforts to find the disks and defeat the MORBUZAKH plant. He was briefly a part of the merged being MATORAN NUI, but split off to pursue his own destiny.

Ahkmou was one of the six Matoran initially rescued from the COLISEUM by the Toa Metru. During the voyage to MATA NUI (2), Ahkmou’s sphere was lost. It lay on the bottom of an underground river until found by MAKUTA. By that time, evidence had been discovered by the Toa Metru that Ahkmou may have been destined to become a Toa of Stone. That evidence later proved to be false. Ahkmou would later reappear on Mata Nui as a trader, selling KOLHII BALLS infected with Makuta’s darkness.

Source: BIONICLE Encyclopedia Updated