Mahri Nui Mask of Destiny

Chapter 8: Mahri Nui

BIONICLE News Update

Written by Greg Farshtey


A few people have asked about what is going on in the world outside of the Pit these days, so I thought I would do a quick update:


• A Brotherhood of Makuta member was spotted diving into the silver sea around Metru Nui. He emerged carrying a Kanohi, but escaped before Takanuva could reach the spot.


• Residents of the area near where Destral last appeared (and later vanished from) were troubled to find the waters full of dead creatures, resembling some kind of mutant form of kraata. Given that the degrees of mutation varied, it would seem they were the failed results of some sort of experiment.


• After its defeat by Tahtorak, the Kardas dragon fled Voya Nui, heading north. (A clash with the Bohrok on Mata Nui is expected.)


• For reasons unknown, Axonn summoned Botar to transport Tahtorak off Voya Nui. Botar, showing a rare sense of humor, deposited the beast in the heart of Xia. It is currently on a destructive rampage.


• The Matoran of Karzahni’s realm are both pleased and troubled that Karzahni himself has left, leaving them behind. Most think it is some sort of trick and are reluctant to try to escape.


• Toa Nuva have been spotted in the vicinity of Odina.


More to come…